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At 31, Bumble CEO Becomes The Youngest Self Made Female Billionaire

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Women are breaking barriers and making names for themselves in a variety of fields around the world.This takes us to the story of Bumble Ceo, who was recently declared the youngest female self-made billionaire by Forbes.

We’re amazed at how she was able to reach the pinnacle of her profession, and we’d like to share her success story with you.

What is Bumble, and what does her business entail?

Whitney Wolfe Herd age 31 created the Bumble app, a feminist dating app that allows women to initiate contact.

The app gives women the option of talking to anyone or not, and it also has a feature that protects them from unwanted sexual messages. ‘Dick pics’ and inappropriate selfies are automatically censored by the app.

Most people believe that the young billionaire’s app is unique because of her tragic experience with her former company Tinder; we’ll go into more detail about this in the later part of this article 

The app was founded in 2014 with the aim of providing a safe and empowering online dating environment for women. Since its inception in 2015, Bumble has grown exponentially, amassing over 100 million users worldwide.

Bumble has since evolved from a dating app to a networking and friendship platform, and the business is now worth $2.2 billion.

Let’s Dive Into Bumble CEO ‘S Personal life 

Wolfe Herd was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, according to the Times of London. Her father is a real estate developer, and her mother is a stay-at-home mom.

She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, she started her first business at the younger age of 19 while she was in college, she named her business per money inc 

Wolfe Herd spent time living in Southeast Asia after graduation, volunteering at local orphanages.

Wolfe Herd isn’t the first dating app she co-founded; she previously collaborated with a company to develop a dating app.

The name Tinder was chosen by Herd which means ‘dry flammable material’ the name refers to the burst of a spark.

With the aid of Wolfe Herd, the app became what we now know as Tinder, and the business developed into a global phenomenon.


Wolfe Herd was a co-founder of Tinder and served as the company’s vice president of marketing for two years.

Wolfe was forced to quit Tiner due to sexual abuse and at the age of 25, she raised funds and founded Bumble.

Whitney was dating one of Tinder’s co-founders when they broke up, he began to harass and manipulate her, prompting Herd to leave.

In 2014, she filed a sex harassment lawsuit against the organization, and she started receiving death and rape threats on social media, which gave her extreme panic attacks and caused her to be unable to leave the house.

Tinder’s parent company, Match Group Inc, disputed the allegations and agreed to pay a $1 million settlement.


Wolfe Herd, Bumble CEO got married to the love of her life Michael Herd in 2017, The two had met while skiing in Aspen four years before, but Wolfe Herd had first seen him on a dating app.

Michael was having lunch at the ski resort when Wolfe Herd sat down next to him, she told Vogue in 2017.

Michael is the president of Herd Producing Company, an oil and gas field operator established by his grandfather.

He also operates Grove Kitchen & Gardens, a high-end farm-to-table restaurant.

The couple has two dogs and a son named Bobby, who is named after Michael’s grandfather.


Bumble’s shares soared nearly 80% on stock market debut on February 11, boosting Wolfe Herd’s personal wealth from $575 million to $1.6 billion.

Wolfe Herd owns 21.54 million shares in the company, giving it an 11.6 percent interest.

On the Nasdaq, shares of the dating app opened at $76 per share, far above its $43 initial public offering price.

The organization is now worth $14 billion dollars.

To sum up, Whitney’s story is a mix of both inspiration and a cautionary tale for women tech founders and we hope her story inspires you too,

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