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In the Face of Criticism, Joe Biden to Address Afghanistan’s Chaotic Evacuation

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Faced with a barrage of criticism, President Joe Biden will to address on Friday about the controversial evacuation of Americans and friends from Afghanistan, as the US grapples with challenges ranging from armed Taliban checkpoints to paperwork issues.

While Biden has previously blamed Afghans for the United States’ failure to evacuate more allies ahead of the Taliban’s abrupt takeover this month, US sources said that American diplomats had publicly encouraged the Biden administration to increase evacuation operations weeks ago.

About 5,700 people were airlifted out of Kabul on Friday. The U.S. has until August 31 to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. Vice President Joe Biden is set to meet with his national security team about the evacuations. He is scheduled to speak from the White House Friday afternoon.

Diplomats at the US Embassy in Kabul expressed worry that the evacuation of Afghans was not moving at a fast enough pace. Foreign service officers have long used the State Department’s dissent route to express their displeasure with administration policy. Officials with knowledge of the document spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to discuss the internal discussion.

Biden says he is following the advice of Afghanistan’s U.S.-backed president, Ashraf Ghani. Thousands of Afghans have applied for visas to live in the United States since the end of the war. The Obama administration has said that many at-risk Afghan allies had not wanted to leave the country.

The situation at Kabul Airport, according to the White House, is improving. The airport’s outside perimeter, including its outer perimeter, is under Taliban control. Citizens of the United States can get to the airport, although they are frequently confronted by massive crowds at the gates. Officials from the Obama administration have stated that planning for a possible evacuation was successful.

President Barack Obama has stated that the United States cannot rely on anything in Afghanistan. The administration has stated that all Americans will be able to leave, even if it means remaining past the August deadline. Taliban gunmen fired into the air to try to keep crowds at the airports under control.

According to the State Department, only about 4,000 Americans have signed up for security updates. The true figure is probably far higher, with estimates ranging from 11,000 to 15,000 people. Some may have returned to the US, while others may have fled to third-world countries.

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