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UEFA Sanctions Nine Clubs Over Super League Project

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UEFA on Friday announced sanctions, including financial penalties, against nine of the 12 clubs behind the aborted Super League project, after the clubs “apologised” and admitted “a mistake”.

The governing body of European football said the nine clubs had agreed to a “Club Commitment Declaration” and accepted a 5% cut in their European revenue for one season “in the spirit of reconciliation.”

Three clubs, however, did not sign the declaration: Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus.

UEFA said it “reserved all rights to take whatever action it deems appropriate” against clubs that have so far refused to abandon the so-called “Super League.”

“The matter will promptly be referred to the competent UEFA disciplinary bodies,” the statement concluded.

The nine clubs that opted out of the project — Tottenham, Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan and AC Milan — have agreed to a series of “reintegration measures”.

“These clubs recognised their mistakes quickly and have taken action to demonstrate their contrition and future commitment to European football,” said UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin.

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“The same cannot be said for the clubs that remain involved in the so-called ‘Super League’ and UEFA will deal with those clubs subsequently.”

For one season, the nine have agreed to forego 5% of their revenue from UEFA competitions and donate a total of 15 million euros ($18.25 million) to grassroots and youth football in Europe.

They also agreed to compete in UEFA competitions for which they qualify and pay fines of up to 100 million euros if they ever try to play in a “unauthorised” competition.

“It takes a strong organisation to admit making a mistake especially in these days of trial by social media. These clubs have done just that,” said Ceferin.

“In accepting their commitments and willingness to repair the disruption they caused, UEFA wants to put this chapter behind it and move forward in a positive spirit.”

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